The 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion : A spectacular fusion of style and innovation

The 31st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion : A spectacular fusion of style and innovation

080 Barcelona Fashion is a fashion event featuring a variety of shows that showcase the talent and creativity of the Spanish fashion industry. This biannual event is a hive of creativity, fashion and cultural expression.

Let's delve into the world of this event, where trends meet to celebrate the art of fashion. The recognized Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site organized the event once again.


A show of creativity

080 Barcelona Fashion is much more than just a fashion show. The most talented Spanish designers present their collections and push the envelope of creativity in this real show. At the heart of the event, the catwalks become catwalks where the clothes come to life, telling unique and captivating stories. Each edition is a true source of inspiration, offering participants an immersive experience in the world of fashion.

The platform for emerging talent

One of the most remarkable aspects of 080 Barcelona Fashion is its support for young designers and emerging talent. The event offers a unique platform for these promising talents to present their collections and make a name for themselves in the fashion industry. It's an invaluable springboard for those looking to make their mark and set tomorrow's trends.

We met up with designers Pablo Erroz and Edgar Carrascal.

A showcase for sustainable fashion

080 Barcelona Fashion is also at the forefront of sustainable fashion. The event is crucial in encouraging greater ethical fashion since it highlights firms devoted to ethical production and ecologically friendly activities.. From runway shows featuring sustainable materials to discussions on the future of fashion, 080 Barcelona Fashion encourages the industry to move towards a more environmentally conscious practice. The National brand RITA ROW is dedicated to sustainable fashion using organic cotton fabrics, with the rest of the materials made from recycled fibers.


Fashion for all body types

We caught up with Free Form Style, a pioneering brand in the design of clothing for people with disabilities. It has shown that comfort is compatible with elegance.

The brand offers elegant garments that make you feel better, allow you to put them on without assistance, and adapt to every disability.

An event not to be missed

Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, an emerging designer or simply looking for inspiration, 080 Barcelona Fashion is an event not to be missed. In addition to breathtaking fashion shows, the event also features exhibitions, conferences and meetings with industry experts.
It's the perfect opportunity to discover the latest trends, explore new perspectives and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Barcelona fashion.  

080 Barcelona Fashion - Nokton Magazine

The 080 Barcelona Fashion is much more than just a fashion event, it's a celebration of creativity, innovation and cultural expression. By showcasing emerging talent and promoting sustainable fashion, this unique event puts the Spanish fashion scene on the international map. Whether it's discovering new designers or being inspired by the latest trends, 080 Barcelona Fashion is the place where fashion magic happens.

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