CP Company: The Evolution of Streetwear through Innovative Collaborations

CP Company: The Evolution of Streetwear through Innovative Collaborations

CP Company is an Italian sportswear and streetwear brand founded in 1971 by designer Massimo Osti. The brand is renowned for its distinctive aesthetic, technical innovation and commitment to functionality and quality.

CP Company pioneered the use of advanced dyeing and finishing techniques to create garments that are both aesthetically appealing and functional. One of their most famous innovations is the introduction of the Goggle Jacket fabric, which has become emblematic of the brand. Goggle jackets feature a pair of glasses integrated into the hood, offering both added functionality and distinctive style.


The brand is also known for its use of high-quality technical fabrics, special finishes and reflective details. CP Company garments are often associated with a sophisticated yet casual urban style, sought after by fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Over the years, CP Company has become an iconic brand in streetwear culture, appreciated for its heritage of quality, innovation and style. Although the brand was acquired by the FGF Industry group in 2015, it continues to maintain its distinct identity and reputation for excellence in the fashion industry.

CP Company is a brand that has regularly collaborated with other brands, designers and artists, bringing a unique twist to their iconic aesthetic. Here are some of their most notable collaborations:

Adidas: CP Company collaborated with Adidas Originals to create a capsule collection in 2018. The collaboration combined CP Company's streetwear aesthetic with Adidas' sporting heritage, offering a range of apparel and sneakers that fused style and functionality.

Barbour: In 2019, CP Company and Barbour collaborated to create an outerwear collection. The collaboration combined CP Company's apparel design expertise with Barbour's traditional outdoor clothing know-how, offering a range of rugged and stylish jackets and coats.

Patta: CP Company also collaborated with Dutch brand Patta for a capsule collection in 2019. The collaboration combined Patta's contemporary streetwear aesthetic with CP Company's iconic style, offering a range of garments and accessories that have caught the attention of fashion lovers around the world.

These collaborations have enabled CP Company to explore new creative avenues, while expanding their audience and offering consumers unique products that capture the spirit of both brands involved.

Having understood the impact of urban artists on their own clientele and, of course, on their sales, the sportswear brand plays on this axis: high-end subtly and skilfully street.

The brand has remained true to its heritage of quality and innovation, while remaining at the cutting edge of streetwear fashion through creative collaborations and innovative use of materials and technologies.

Today, C.P. Company continues to inspire fashion lovers around the world with its innovative and sophisticated collections.

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