Adidas SL 72: Rediscover the Retro Icon

Adidas SL 72: Rediscover the Retro Icon

For decades, Adidas has shaped the sports fashion landscape with iconic designs that transcend time. Among these treasures of sneaker history is the legendary Adidas SL 72. This iconic shoe debuted on athletic fields in the 1970s, but its retro appeal and timeless design make it a must-have around the world contemporary fashion.

A journey through time

The Adidas SL 72 are much more than sports shoes. They represent a true journey through time, taking sneaker lovers back to the golden era of sports culture in the 1970s. Originally designed for the 1972 Munich Olympics, these shoes were immediately adopted by athletes and sports fans around the world for their distinctive style and cutting-edge performance.

Vintage Style, Modern Comfort

Although the Adidas SL 72 is rooted in the past, its appeal remains undeniably modern. Available in a variety of vibrant colors and material combinations, these shoes suit every taste and style. Whether you're looking for a pair to complement your sports outfit or to add a retro touch to your casual look, the Adidas SL 72 are the ideal choice.

Featuring a lightweight EVA midsole and breathable nylon upper, they provide superior cushioning and optimal breathability to keep your feet fresh and comfortable all day long.

An icon in Pop Culture

Over the decades, the Adidas SL 72 has become much more than just a sports shoe. They have become an essential element of pop culture, worn by icons of sport, music and cinema. From Olympic athletes to rock stars to cinema legends, everyone has succumbed to the timeless charm of these iconic shoes.



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Where to get the SL-72?

You will find several models of SL-72 on our Collect website or directly in store (Carrer de la Palla 25, 08002 Barcelona). Many sizes available. Do not hesitate to also follow us on our Instagram Page to follow our news and the latest releases.


Adidas SL 72 Collegiate Green

Adidas SL 72 OG Maroon Preloved Brown


Adidas SL 72 OG Cream Royal Red

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