Travis Scott and John McEnroe collaborate on the re-release of the Nike Mac Attack

Travis Scott and John McEnroe collaborate on the re-release of the Nike Mac Attack


Travis Scott X McEnroe

The creation of the Nike McEnroe

The relationship between John McEnroe and Nike began in the 1980s, when the player was still young and promising. At the time, McEnroe was looking for a brand that could support him in this buldding carrer. Nike, for its part , was looking for talented athletes to promote their brand of sports shoes. The partnership proved to be a perfect match. In 1984, Nike officially launched the Nike McEnroe tennis shoe. It was designed in close collaboration with McEnroe himself , talking into account his specific needs on the court. In addition, Nike is releasing a co;plete collection including shorts, t-shirt, jacquet, socks for McEnroe and of course the Nike McEnroe Light Smoke Grey. The Nike McEnroe was a lightweight shoe with a soft leather upper for better flexibility and fit. It featured an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole for excellent grip on playing surfaces.

A modern reissue

Nike recently unveiled a short video featuring Travis Scott and John McEnroe. This confirms the long-awaited collaboration. In the video, we find Travis wearing a pair of Cactus Jack X Nike shorts to the theme of his new album Utopia. We can therefore imagine a reissue of the Nike McEnroe, but also another pair in collaboration with Travis Scott. At the Miami Grand Prix, the spotlight was on Travvis Scott, who took to the stage wearing a pair of MacEnroe OGs with an inverted Swoosh. The shoe retains the features that made the McEnroe an iconic model, including its supple leather upper and recognizable silhouette. However, Travis Scott has added his personal touch with subtle modifications, such as vibrant colors and bolt accents, that reflect his distinct artistic aesthetic.

Fan Excitement

The announcement of the reissue of the Nike McEnroe in collaboration with Travis Scott immediately created a buzz amoug sneaker fans and fashion enthusiasts. The combinaison of McEnroe’s heritage and Travis Scott’s creative influence captured the imagination of collectors and followers of streetwear culture alike. Limited editions of the collaboration sold out quickly, generating excite;ent and growing demand in the sneaker market. This collaboration is a testament to how iconic brands and influential artists can join forces to create unique pieces that transcend generations and disciplines. The pair is due for release around June 23 and you can find it here.

The Nike Mac attack is back

The reissue of the Nike Mac Attack in collaboration with Travis Scott is a celebration of tennis heritage and contemporary style. This bold collaboration offers sneaker fans an opportunity to own a piece that combines the history of the sport with Travis Scott's creative urban aesthetic. With this reissue, Nike continues to push the boundaries of fashion and innovation, offering sneaker enthusiasts a unique experience that combines tradition and modernity.

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