Barcelona is a city with a vibrant sneaker culture, with a variety of shops that cater to the needs of both sneaker enthusiasts and casual shoppers. From high-end boutiques to more affordable options, there is a sneaker shop in Barcelona for everyone. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the best sneaker shops in the city, including Foot District, Sivasdescalzo, Footlocker, AW Lab, and Collect. Whether you're looking for a specific pair of shoes or just want to browse and see what's available, these shops have something for everyone. 

So, let's dive in and explore the world of sneakers in Barcelona!



Footlocker is a sports shop offering a wide range of quality footwear, apparel and accessories to meet your needs. Whether you are an avid athlete or a sneaker lover, you can find what you are looking for at Footlocker.

At Footlocker shops, you can find many brands such as Nike, Jordan, Puma and many others, offering a full range of models and styles for all tastes. Foot locker sales staff are experts in their field and will be happy to advise you on how to find the right pair of shoes for you.

In short, Foot Locker in Barcelona is a leading sports shop offering a wide range of quality footwear, clothing and accessories, all backed by attentive and knowledgeable customer service.


AW Lab, is a sportswear and streetwear shop located in Barcelona. It offers a selection of trendy products for men, women and children. You will find sneakers from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse and Vans, in a variety of styles and colours. The shop also carries apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and jackets, to help you create urban casual outfits.

Accessories are not left out, with hats, backpacks and socks to complete your look. AW LAB is renowned for its modern and trendy atmosphere, offering a great shopping experience for fashion lover .

Whether you're looking for a trendy pair of sneaker or a complete outfit, AW LAB has it all.


Solebox is one of the best sneaker shops in Barcelona, thanks to its commitment to quality and exclusivity. The shop offers a wide selection of sneakers from popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Vans.

The shop also features a minimalist and modern design, offering a sophisticated and stylish shopping experience. Solebox salespeople are also sneaker experts, providing assistance to customers in finding the perfect pair of sneakers for their style.

In addition, Solebox is also known for its  events, such as product launches and collaborations with artists and brands, offering unique and exciting shopping experiences for customers. Finally, the shop is located in one of the trendiest areas of Barcelona, adding to the trendy and streetwear atmosphere of the shop.



Collect Sneakers is a unique trainer shop in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter that focuses on limited edition trainers, including iconic brands and models such as Yeezy, Dunk, New Balance, Adidas as well as artworks. Collect is always offering new pairs of sneakers, giving customers great access to the latest trends and designs. 

The Collect shop stands out for its ability to offer trainers of all styles and genders. Whether you're looking for trainers that fit your lifestyle or your style, you're bound to find something to suit you at Collect. Moreover, as a shop specializing in limited editions, Collect Sneakers Store is able to offer shoes that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Finally, the shop owners' passion and expertise for sneakers is evident from the moment you enter in the shop. The two French founders are experts in the field and have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their shop, making it a must-see destination for trainer lovers in Barcelona. In short, Collect is a unique place that offers an incomparable experience to all sneakers lovers in the city.


Sivasdescalzo is a Barcelona-based sneaker store that specializes in rare and exclusive sneakers. It was founded by Jose Luis Sivas in 2014, with the goal of becoming one of the best sneaker shops in Spain. The shop has been featured on several websites such as Highsnobiety and Sole Collector for its unique selection of shoes, which includes collaborations from brands like Nike and Adidas.

The selection at Sivasdescalzo includes both men's and women's shoes as well as accessories like socks, hats and shirts all carefully curated based on quality rather than popularity or trendiness. The store also offers an online shopping experience where customers can browse through their inventory before placing orders; this way they know exactly what they're getting before making any purchases!

The sales team is driven by a genuine passion for sneaker culture and is dedicated to providing personalized advice to help customers find the perfect pair of shoes.



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