Streetwear’s origins & icons

Streetwear’s origins & icons

Are you intrigued by the buzz surrounding streetwear?

Streetwear has undeniably left its imprint on the fashion landscape in recent years. Let's delve into the origins and development of streetwear, tracing its beginnings from the underground skate and hip-hop scenes of the 1980s and 90s to its current status as a global fashion staple.

Explore with us, the history of this iconic style and the cultural influences that have shaped it into what it is today.

Streetwear’s origins
Streetwear emerged as a response to the more formal and restrictive clothing of mainstream fashion, offering a more comfortable, casual, and rebellious alternative. One of the primary influences on early streetwear was skateboarding culture, which embraced clothing that was both comfortable and durable for the demands of the sport. Brands like Vans, Stussy, and Supreme gained popularity by promoting graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers that resonated with the preferences of skaters.

Streetwear’s icons
While it began modestly, streetwear has grown into a powerhouse in the fashion industry, with influential figures shaping its trajectory. Here are some of the key streetwear icons who plays a significant role in guiding the style's evolution.

Pharrell Williams
Multi-talented artist known for his music, production skills, and fashion expertise, has partnered with renowned brands such as Adidas. Additionally, he has launched his own fashion lines, including Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream footwear, in collaboration with Japanese icon Nigo, the founder of Japanese streetwear brand BAPE , shaping distinctive streetwear collections that bear his creative imprint.

Jules Koundé

Known for his prowess on the football pitch, he also attracts attention for his impeccable sense of style off it. Whether attending events or relaxing in his spare time, Koundé is confident in his fashion choices. His wardrobe combines classic pieces with modern touches, often opting for tailored suits paired with trainers for a sophisticated yet youthful look. With a keen eye for detail, Koundé effortlessly combines patterns, textures and colours to create striking ensembles that reflect his dynamic personality, as he showed with his collaboration with Adidas.

Tyler the creator

Tyler rebels against convention, not only on stage but in his everyday attire. He's all about infusing traditional elements with a modern, unconventional flair, evident in his collaborations with Levi's, Nike and others. His loose and relaxed suits, tailored to perfection, exude a laid-back sophistication reminiscent of a Wall Street mogul unwinding after a hectic day.


Renowned as a rapper, celebrity, and trendsetter, Drake seamlessly integrates fashion into his music and in his collaboration with Nike. His influence extends to endorsing and elevating specific trends and brands within the streetwear realm.

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