Nocta, Drake x Nike

Nocta, Drake x Nike

Introduced by Nike in 2020, Nocta represents a revolutionary company for the brand. The creation of the sub-label of a musician marks a historic moment, Drake expressing his gratitude for the opportunity on the Nike website during the announcement. The Nocta clothing line pays tribute to sport while addressing city dwellers looking for functional, comfortable and elegant essentials for everyday life. With releases planned, including a basketball line, Nocta continues to generate excitement, reflecting Drake’s passion for basketball and dedication to providing quality apparel inspired by his personal experiences and cultural influences.

This collaboration marks a new era in the long-standing partnership between Drake and Nike, which began in 2013 when Drake signed with the Nike Jordan brand. After several successful releases of co-branded sneakers, the collaboration remained discreet until August 2020, when Drake presented a collaborative video of Nike in his clip "Laugh Now Cry Later", filmed at Nike’s headquarters. Subsequently, in October of the same year, he launched a spin-off capsule collection entitled "Certified Lover Boy" with Nike, preceding the release of his LP of the same name.

Nike’s collaboration with Canadian rapper Drake has received more attention than any other partnership with music industry figures, especially rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott and Skepta.

The Nocta collection includes iconic Nike pieces with the personal touch of Drake, including puffy jackets, t-shirts, caps and tracksuit bottoms. Drake sought to capture the uniform appearance prevalent in cities like Toronto, London and Paris while infusing it with his own cultural influences and commitment to quality. Nocta is for people looking for a functional and comfortable outfit, embodying Drake’s work ethic and dedication to achieving his goals without taking shortcuts.


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