Diving into the world of Collectibles: Sonny Angels and Bearbricks

Diving into the world of Collectibles: Sonny Angels and Bearbricks

In the world of popular culture and collecting, enthusiasts often turn to unique and charming objects to adorn their shelves and enrich their collections. Among these modern treasures, two names come up regularly: Sonny Angels and Bearbricks. These figurines are more than just decorative objects; they've become symbols of pop culture and a passion for collecting.

Sonny Angels: Angels to adore

Sonny Angels are angel-shaped figurines known for their cute, minimalist design. Created by the Japanese company Dreams Inc. founded by Yasutaka Kurosawa. The first Sonny Angels series was launched in Japan in 2005. Since then, they've grown in popularity around the world, becoming prized collectors' items for many pop culture and cute figurine enthusiasts. The Japanese design, with its kawaii (cute in Japanese) aesthetic and playfulness, has helped make Sonny Angels iconic in the contemporary collectibles scene. These little figurines generally measure around 7.5 centimetres in height and are often depicted with wings on their backs and a little hat on their heads.


What makes Sonny Angels so special is their randomness. Each figurine is sold in a mystery package, which means collectors never know which figurine they're going to get. With a wide variety of themes, from animals to fruit to historical figures, Sonny Angels offer an exciting and surprising collecting experience.

Over the years, Sonny Angels have become highly sought-after collectibles, with special series and limited editions generating considerable excitement among collectors worldwide.

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Bearbricks: Iconic Bear Figures

On the other side of the ocean, we find Bearbricks, teddy bear figurines produced by Japanese company Medicom Toy Incorporated. Launched in 2001, Bearbricks are distinguished by their simple, cubic design, reminiscent of a teddy bear. These figurines are generally available in a range of sizes, from 4 centimetres for the smallest models to over 70 centimetres for the giant versions.



Bearbricks also come from Japan. They were created by the Japanese company Medicom Toy Incorporated. The first Bearbricks series was launched in 2001. Since then, they have become extremely popular worldwide, particularly with figurine collectors and pop culture fans. Bearbricks are characterized by their cubic, minimalist design, and their ability to be customized thanks to interchangeable parts. Their versatility and adaptability have made them highly sought-after collectibles, with numerous collaborations with famous brands, artists and franchises.

What makes Bearbricks so unique is their modular nature. Each figurine is made up of different parts that can be detached and interchanged with others, allowing collectors to customize their Bearbricks to their preferences.

As with Sonny Angels, Bearbricks are often available in themed series, featuring collaborations with world-renowned brands, contemporary artists and even famous film and comic book franchises. These collaborations make Bearbricks highly coveted collectors' items, as much for their design as for their exclusivity.

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A Passion for Collecting

Whether it's Sonny Angels or Bearbricks, the passion for collecting goes far beyond the simple acquisition of objects. For many collectors, these figurines represent childhood memories, personal interests and even works of art in their own right.

However, since 2001, there have been many collections and colorations of the teddy bear. The vast production of these timeless Art Toys and the different sizes in which they are made can create some difficulties in understanding the dimensions of these teddy bears.

Medicom Toys are created in a variety of sizes. The most popular with collectors are the 1,000% Bearbrick and the 400% Bearbrick, but smaller sizes are also available. The percentage value, which usually accompanies the title of the work, indicates its height: 100% equals 7 cm, which goes up to the 70 cm of the 1,000%, but there are also sizes such as the 3.5 cm which is indicated by 50%.

What's more, these objets d'art have been the medium for many grandiose collaborations, including Bape, Coco Chanel, Kaws, Keith Haring and many others, with Bearbricks fetching up to $157,000.

Bearbricks x Bape

Bearbricks x Coco Chanel



Bearbricks x Kaws

Bearbricks x Keith Haring


What's more, the community of collectors plays an essential role in the appeal of these objects. The exchanges, meetings and events organized around Sonny Angels and Bearbricks give enthusiasts the opportunity to share their love of these figurines and discover new pieces to enrich their collections.

Ultimately, whether Sonny Angels or Bearbricks, these figurines are much more than mere decorative objects; they reflect a living popular culture and a timeless passion for collecting. With their unique design, playfulness and ability to arouse the enthusiasm of collectors the world over, Sonny Angels and Bearbricks continue to capture the imagination and charm the hearts of collectors.

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