Discover the new fashion designers of 2024

Discover the new fashion designers of 2024

Every year, the fashion industry sees the emergence of new creative talents, bringing freshness, innovation and diversity to an already creatively rich landscape. In 2024, several designers stand out for their innovative approach, commitment to sustainability and ability to push the boundaries of contemporary aesthetics. Here are just a few of the new fashion designers to keep a close eye on this year.

1. Wales Bonner

Grace Wales Bonner is a British fashion designer renowned for exploring culture and identity through her collections. She founded her eponymous brand, Wales Bonner, in 2014, just after graduating from Central Saint Martins in London. Since then, she has gained international recognition for her innovative work and ability to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion.

Her designs combine impeccable cuts, luxurious fabrics and meticulous detailing to create pieces that embody both elegance and subtlety. When it comes to collaborations, Wales Bonner has worked with many prestigious brands and institutions. Here are just a few of his notable collaborations:

Gucci-Wales Bonner collection


Dior x Wales Bonner capsule collection

Adidas Originals x Wales Bonner

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2. Cecilie Bansen

Cecilie Bahnsen is a Danish fashion designer whose work is celebrated for its romantic, modern silhouettes and meticulous attention to handcrafted detail. Born in Denmark, Bahnsen studied at London's Royal College of Art before launching her eponymous label in 2015. Since then, she has quickly gained recognition in the fashion industry for her distinctive aesthetic and innovative approach to design.

Cecilie Bahnsen's designs are characterized by voluminous cuts, delicate textures and feminine details, creating an aesthetic that combines romance and modernity. She often draws inspiration from nature, art and culture, while emphasizing quality materials and craftsmanship.

In addition to her work with her own brand, Cecilie Bahnsen has also collaborated with other renowned brands and institutions.

Asics x Cecilie Bansen

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3. Salehe Bembury

Salehe Bembury is an American shoe designer known for his innovative collaborations and growing influence in fashion and streetwear. He began his career with leading brands and quickly gained notoriety for his creative and avant-garde approach to footwear design.

Salehe Bembury worked for several major brands before becoming a household name in the industry. He was director of shoe design at Versace, where he worked under the direction of Donatella Versace. During his time at Versace, Bembury helped create iconic designs that combine luxury and streetwear, reflecting a bold and distinctive aesthetic.

One of his most notable collaborations is with New Balance. The New Balance 2002R “Peace Be the Journey” model became iconic, combining high-quality materials and nature-inspired design. The collaboration received rave reviews and reinforced Bembury's reputation as an innovative designer.

Another notable collaboration is with Crocs, where he reinterpreted the brand's classic model with a modern, utilitarian twist. The collaboration has attracted much attention for its creative approach and ability to transform familiar silhouettes into desirable fashion pieces.

 4. Sean Wotherspoon

Sean Wotherspoon is an American designer and entrepreneur, known primarily for his work in fashion and sneaker design.

Wotherspoon's fame exploded thanks to his collaboration with Nike. In 2018, he designed the Nike Air Max 1/97, a hybrid sneaker that combines elements of the Air Max 1 and Air Max 97 models. This sneaker, characterized by its multicolored upper, was a huge commercial and critical success, reinforcing his reputation in the sneaker design industry.

In addition to his collaboration with Nike, Wotherspoon has also worked with other major brands such as Adidas and Asics, bringing his unique sense of design to a wider range of products.

Sean is also an advocate of sustainable and vegan fashion. His recent collaborations include products designed with eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices, reflecting his commitment to the environment.

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5. Teddy Santis

Teddy Santis is an American designer and entrepreneur recognized in the fashion industry, particularly for his influence in streetwear and sneakers.

Teddy Santis is the founder and creative director of fashion brand Aime Leon Dore (ALD), established in 2014. The brand offers a range of clothing and accessories that include high-end streetwear pieces.

In 2021, Teddy Santis was appointed creative director of New Balance's “Made in USA” line, a role that allows him to bring his unique vision and design flair to a wider range of products. His collaborations with New Balance have been very well received, notably for their sleek designs and use of high-quality materials.

Santis has also collaborated with many other renowned brands and designers, always bringing a unique touch to each project.

Teddy Santis continues to leave a significant mark on the fashion industry thanks to his distinctive sense of design and commitment to authenticity and quality.

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