Adidas Handball Spezial: The Perfect Alliance of Performance and Style

Adidas Handball Spezial: The Perfect Alliance of Performance and Style

Since their introduction on handball courts in the 1970s, Adidas Handball Spezial have come a long way to become not only world-renowned sports shoes, but also essential style icons. Their story is one of success, innovation and a deep passion for the game and fashion.


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Origins :

The history of the Adidas Handball Spezial goes back to the very roots of Adidas in the world of sport. Originally designed for handball players, these shoes have been meticulously developed to offer optimum support, stability and grip on the court. Their distinctive design, with an elegant silhouette and eye-catching colors, quickly distinguished them as iconic shoes in the handball world.

Daniel Costantini, coach of the French national team, describes them as "the only object, apart from the ball, with which the players immediately identified. It's the first shoe designed for this sport. Lightweight, it gives the wearer an astonishing feeling in the foot. Especially for goalkeepers".

That first handball shoe, which was blue like other adidas indoor sports models, was almost exclusively available to players from various national teams and featured innovative holes in the sole to facilitate perspiration.



The Evolution of Design :

Over the years, the design of the Adidas Handball Spezial has evolved to meet the changing demands of the game and fashion trends. The combination of high-quality materials, such as suede and nylon, with a shock-absorbing midsole, has ensured optimum comfort on the court, while offering distinctive style off it.

Although initially designed for handball, Adidas Handball Spezial quickly transcended their sporting use to become staples of streetwear culture. Their retro aesthetic and sleek silhouette have captured the imagination of fashion enthusiasts the world over, transforming them into veritable symbols of urban style.

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With the 80s revival in fashion, Adidas Handball Spezial enjoyed a spectacular resurgence. Sneaker collectors and vintage enthusiasts rediscovered the timeless appeal of these shoes, driving their popularity to new heights.

Iconic collaborations :

Adidas Handball Spezial have also supported iconic collaborations with renowned designers and brands. These collaborations have added a touch of novelty while preserving the very essence of these iconic shoes, broadening their appeal to a diverse audience.

Adidas Spezial x CP Company

CP Company is an Italian brand renowned for its functional clothing and innovative use of fabrics and technologies.

Collaboration between the two brands has typically resulted in clothing and footwear collections that combine Adidas' traditional design and manufacturing expertise with CP Company's distinctive style and materials. The collections are often characterized by unique colors and patterns, as well as technical details inspired by CP Company's heritage in sports and protective clothing.


Adidas Handball Spezial have remained true to their heritage while adapting to changing trends in fashion and culture. Their meteoric rise from the handball courts to the streets of cities around the world is testament to their iconic status and their ability to transcend the boundaries of sport to become true fashion legends. With their perfect blend of performance and style, Adidas Handball Spezial continue to inspire and captivate sports and fashion enthusiasts, while leaving an indelible mark on the history of sneaker culture.

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