The "MSCHF Big Red Boot" phenomenon : Fashion shoes for an unforgettable look !

The "MSCHF Big Red Boot" phenomenon : Fashion shoes for an unforgettable look !

MSCHF is a creative group and brand renowned for their original and frequently contentious work. They design and launch limited edition commodities, either in the form of consumer goods or public art pieces, that spark conversation and offer cultural commentary. They employ animations to showcase their products on their website. With their unique product, they hope to separate out from the competition. The website is uniquely developed, no two visits will be the same.

MSCHF Big Red Boot

MSCHF in a few words : When art meets provocation

MSCHF is an American collective art group based in Brooklyn, in New York. Gabriel Whaley co-founded the company in 2016 with the aim of pushing the boundaries of internet culture, art and commerce by creating provocative and often controversial projects. MSCHF is known for launching unique and innovative products that go beyond traditional conventions. The Business has become well-known for its limited-edition releases, which frequently spark a lot of online buzz. Some of MSCHF's more well-known works are the "Satan Shoes", a controversially detailed collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X, and the "Jesus Shoes", a pair of Nike Air Max 97 sneakers embellished with holy water and a cross.

Dare the Extraordinary !

These boots are reminiscent of cartoons, comics or video games, and were released on February 16, in limited edition, on the MSCHF website, at 350 dollars. But the price went up in retail because they were quickly out of stock, exceeding 1000 dollars (1540$ for the higher price in stock X).

Fashion at your feet : Why is it so popular?

The model is not designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but to be extravagant and out of the ordinary. It's a flashy model, which creates buzz and gets people talking about it. The message behind these shoes is that things have to be absurd to go viral, as you can see on the website. Big red boots have been worn in the fashion world, notably on celebrities ans street style stars during New York Fashion Week. The aim is for the boots to get noticed straight away, so they're paired with a simple outfit to be the focal point. Outside the fashion world, a handful of stars have also worn them.

Big red boots

And actually ? What happened to the shoes that set social networks alight? Today, the big red boots buzz is over. But a restock has been announced for 13 June on the MSCHF application at $350. So we'll see what comes of it …

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