One Day in Barcelona with Central Cee

One Day in Barcelona with Central Cee

We were lucky enough to welcome artist Central cee to our "Collect" store. The artist came to Barcelona for his concert at Primavera Sound and the recording of his next music with Morad. During his visit, his track SPRINTER in collaboration with Dave was released on all platforms.

Unveiling the Musical Phenomenon Shaking the Scene: Central Cee

An up-and-coming rapper from London, England is named Central Cee. He has quickly established himself on the UK music industry thanks to his unique flow, thought-provoking lyrics, and obvious charisma.

He is well-known for fusing drill, a hip-hop subgenre that originated in inner-city London, with rap. The rapper has a powerful hold on the rap scene thanks to the songs "Obsessed with you" (98M views) and "Doja" (111.3M views).

Unleashing Unforgettable Energy: Central Cee's Electrifying Performance at Primavera Sound Festival

At Barcelona's Primavera Sound festival, Central cee lit up the stage by playing his best-known songs including "Loading," "Day in the Life," and "6 for 6." Each song packed a powerful musical punch and an intriguing message. The rhythm and lyrics enthralled the crowd, generating an electrifying environment that cut through linguistic and cultural barriers. We even ran with the artist's biggest fan, who had the artist's face inked on his arm.

Undoubtedly, this event will go down as a turning point in Central Cee's career. He demonstrated that he is prepared to rule the music industry by performing on such a prominent stage and in front of an audience from around the world.

An Epic Studio Session with the Talented Artist Morad

Central cee didn't think twice to drop by Morad's studio on his trip to Barcelona for the Primavera event in order to discuss potential future collaboration. More to come...
The "Eurovison" sound, a collaboration between the two young rappers, has amassed 50 million views.


Central Cee's Visit to the Collect Store: Explore Behind the Scenes

Central cee visited our boutique in the Gothic Quarter following his studio session to find the most sought-after pairs in the continent. He looked into the newest streetwear and shoe trends to find fresh items.

The distinctive aesthetic and keen sense of fashion of Central Cee are well renowned. His collection of sneakers holds a unique place in his closet and is a crucial component of his style as an artist.

He thus removed fifteen pairs in order to complete his collection and you
 can find the pairs chosen by Central Cee here.  


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